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The Fatal Four:
Construction’s Grim Reapers

A look at the most lethal construction site hazards underscores how union training and safety culture can mean the difference between life and death.


Scaffolding Isn’t Just A Nuisance—It’s Deadly

It's a perpetual presence in the Big Apple. It's also the site of many construction deaths.


The Shocking Cost of Open-Shop Exploitation


The numbers don’t lie. Too many corrupt non-union contractors get rich at the expense of everyone else. 

Wage Theft is Still a Thing


Despite new laws, unscrupulous contractors still find ways to hold construction workers down.

Don't Buy a Money Pit: Here Are 5 Proven Reasons You Should Buy Union-Built in NYC

Too few real estate shoppers know to ask the one question that will help them steer clear of a money pit: “Who built this building?” 


Rigged Bidding is Ruining NYC Construction

Cheating non-union contractors graduate from bending the rules to breaking them.


Unions Are A Powerful Force For Uplifting The Black Community

This Black History Month we celebrate the powerful, yet often overlooked, role that unions play in giving Black Americans a chance to grab a slice of the American dream. 


As Unionization Efforts Grow, Lobbyists Push Back Hard

Like in New York construction, restaurant organizers are fighting an uphill battle


New Yorkers Pay The Price So The Contractors Who Cheat Can Get Rich

When some contractors choose to cut corners and break the law to win bids on construction projects, the rest of us pay for it. Watch Walker Bragman's interview with economist Dr. James Parrott of the New School.

The DOB Safety Surge of 2023

A renewed safety push will involve unannounced inspections and educational meetings to encourage construction crews to follow safety measures.


The Fed Chooses the Fat Cats
Over Workers

It’s not just wealthy developers undermining construction unions. The central bank is fighting its own war to keep workers down. 


Higher Wages Don’t Mean
Higher Price Tags

I grabbed a beer with a longtime union shop owner to get his thoughts on the NYC construction industry. He explains why hiring union can be far less costly than opting for non-union.


It's All About the Schooling

New York City construction union workers are trained better, so they do their jobs better, and that's why the buildings they build are better.


An NFL Tragedy Demonstrates Why Management Can’t Be Trusted with Worker Safety

NFL Leadership wanted the Bills-Bengals game to continue after on-field horror. The NFL Players’ Union said no. 


A Major Difference Between Union and Non-Union Crews: Training

Union contractors train, test and verify their workers. Nobody knows what the non-union contractors do.


Caveat Emptor

The past year in NYC construction confirms the Latin tenet: Let the Buyer Beware

Caveat Emptor Hero.png

“A Great Life”

A 61-year union veteran reflects on the life made possible by union membership.


Unionizing Workers Fight
“Feckless Thugs” Everywhere

Starbucks bullying of workers looks familiar to unionized New York construction crews.


An Inspector Assaulted

What happens when a NYC DOB buildings inspector is attacked in the field by a builder?


Rumors Swirl Around Status of Notorious Contractor

StructureTech, a New York City-based general contractor, folded without warning this fall. Industry personnel have an idea of what the company might be plotting.


New York’s Coming Construction Tsunami


The non-union construction workforce is not prepared.

"Who Are the Thugs?"
Election Time Is Union-Bashing Time

Union Guy Hero.png

A misleading political leaflet drives a dagger into the heart of a union man.

The War on Regulators Makes Unions More Important Than Ever


An interview with a former OSHA leader underscores the increased relevance of labor unions in protecting workers.

In NYC Construction,
Union-Built is Better Built

It’s common sense, so why are so many developers putting up high rises with non-union labor?

unions better hero.png

Why Do We Love Unions When Almost None Of Us Can Join One?

Gallup: More Americans approve of unions, but so few of us can actually join one.

Union Gulf Hero.png

Two Killed Workers: The Same Sad Lesson


Any money saved by hiring non-union is not worth the lives that are lost as a result. Hire union.

DOB Overhaul Hero.png

Finally, Here Comes the DOB Overhaul We’ve Been Waiting For

New York City is creating a commission to define and implement desperately needed reforms for the construction industry watchdog.

DOB Overhaul Hero.png

Governor Hochul: Don’t Change Carlos’s Law. Just Sign It.


Ignore the calls to make changes to the bill that was already negotiated and approved by business and NY Congress.

It’s Time To Protect the Inspectors

The city’s unionized inspectors are getting squeezed by work volume, stress, and sometimes angry contractors. If we want safe buildings, we should protect them.


She is New York Workers’ Fiercest Advocate


Senator Jessica Ramos discusses how unions help build better lives, stronger communities, and a better future. 

It's Labor Day. Thank a Union Member.

Labor Day Hero.png

Because it’s so easy to take for granted some of labor’s most impactful victories we all enjoy.

Why Do Non-Union Buildings Want Their Tenants to Sign a Non-Disclosure?


Because they’re non-union buildings, perhaps?

These Are The Worst Scofflaw Contractors in New York City

Worst Contractors Hero.png

Unscrupulous non-union contractors take advantage and profits and leave a mess for others.

We’re Fed Up With Getting Nothing But Crumbs


New York Assemblyman Ron Kim explains how unions are left with the crumbs after fat cats carve up the pie — and that it's time for things to change.

Not Knowing Who Built Your Building Can Cost You Big Time

Cost of Ignorance Hero.png

The evidence is clear, the experts have spoken: Union buildings are the better investment

One Skinflint Developer + One Wage Thief Contractor = 45 Park Place

The legal fight regarding the supertall that is under a work stoppage seems like a scene out of The Forty Thieves


Unions Don’t Need Lip Service. They Need Work.


If De Niro’s allegiance to unions is in words only, he should turn in his union card

In a Union Every Month is Safety Month

Safety Month Hero.png

It’s National Safety Month: Here’s how unions lead the way.

The Workplace Fatalities Registry Says Everything’s Hunky Dory. It Isn’t.

The intention of the registry was to instill transparency across the city’s construction industry, yet the DOL has yet to log recent worker deaths.


NY Real Estate Trade Group Now Supports Carlos’s Law

Enact Carlos Law Hero.png

The bill that will levy hefty fines on criminal contractors whose negligence results in a worker’s serious injury or death, may finally become a law in New York.

Scabby the Rat: A New York City Hero

Scabby Hero.png

As non-union construction work proliferates in New York City, the giant inflatable rat shines a light on related labor disputes.

Let’s End the Steroid Era in New York City Construction

Steroid Era Hero.png

When cheaters are allowed to cheat, it’s not only the honest players who suffer. Cheating hurts everyone.

There's a New Way to Unionize

How to Unionize Hero.png

Modernize, adapt, relate. Can New York City’s non-union construction workers look to the ALU for realistic, fresh methods on organizing? 

Nine Lives Lost is Nine Too Many

9 Lives hero.png

The annual tally of construction workers killed in New York City should be zero, but it will always be too high as long as non-union contractors are allowed to skirt the rules.

You Can’t Judge a Building By Its Cover


In too many recently constructed New York City buildings, shoddy non-union workmanship is hidden beneath a gorgeous façade. Residents pay the price.

Non-Union Workers, Rise Up


Can habitually abused and underpaid non-union construction workers in New York City look to the Amazon Labor Union for inspiration?

The Real Cost of Poor Pay
Part 3 of 3: The Gritty Truth About Construction Pay

Poor Pay Pt 3 Hero.png

The construction business is booming like never before. So why are so many construction workers making a poverty wage? Ask the non-union contractors who employ them and developers who set the tone.

The Real Cost of Poor Pay
Part 2 of 3: Why Don't More Non-Union Workers Cross Over to a Union?

Poor Pay Pt 2 Hero.png

Many non-union construction workers are abused by their bosses who are getting rich as a result. Why don't more of them seek the protection of a union? Part two of a three-part series.

The Real Cost of Poor Pay
Part 1 of 3: How We Got Here

Poor Pay Pt 1 Hero.png

Non-union construction workers in New York City have historically been paid lower and lower wages, which affects the entire industry to this day. Part one of a three-part series.

To Find the Root of Construction Abuse, Follow the Money

Follow the Money Hero.png

Abuse of construction workers won’t end until we make it unprofitable for the developers who encourage it.

Make America Union Again.png

Unions are more popular with Americans than they have been in 60 years. So why is it so hard for American workers to join one?

NYC Construction in 2021: A Great Year. An Awful Year.


Several notable events in 2021 impacted the New York City construction world, both immediately and in the long term — and the effects were both great and terrible.

Why Should You Care Who Builds NYC Buildings? Here Are 3 Good Reasons
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Where Is Our Outrage?

NYC Deaths On The Rise.png

Unscrupulous contractors cut corners on safety, unrepresented workers die on the job and the rich guys funding it all just keep getting richer. Why doesn't this anger us more?

One New York City construction worker has died on the job every month for the past five years. That’s the average when you factor over 60 deaths in 60 months. And the death rate is climbing, not falling. This may be the only big city where being a construction worker is more dangerous than being a police officer or a fire fighter. Why aren't people angrier?

Where Are The Building Inspectors?

Building inspectors police the construction industry—but are there enough of them?

DoB Hero.png

A building inspection during construction remains the most dependable means to ensure a construction zone in New York City is safe for workers and that the building is being erected according to the city’s laws. But does New York City have enough licensed inspectors to keep up with a booming industry, and if not, what will be the consequences for New Yorkers? 

Money or Life: You Choose

Non-union contractors choose to cut corners on safety to raise their profits, and their workers often pay for that choice with their lives. Now it’s time for us to choose.

You Choose.png

Would you ignore fatal negligence on the job if that negligence produced higher profit margins for your bosses? Would this choice represent your values? For many workers, the answer is not as simple as you might think.

What Happened to Carlos' Law?

The popular bill that will hold contractors responsible for lethal negligence has been stalled in the New York Senate since 2017.

Carlos Moncayo and Family.png

Why has Carlos’ Law, a popular bill that would vastly help protect the lives of New York City’s construction workers and hold negligent contractors accountable for safety violations, been stuck on the State Senate floor for more than four years while families continue to suffer?


We look at the tragedy that spurred the bill, and the bill's troubled history in the New York Senate.

How Unions Will Save Our Planet

Green Union Buildings.png

Unions are years ahead in the fight to stop climate change and in creating sustainable cities.

Ready for some happy news about climate change? Construction unions have positioned themselves to help stem the advance of global warming and control its effects going forward.


But first, the sobering part.


Climate change is happening right now, not in some distant decade. It. Is. Here. Now.


How we respond right now, and who we trust to lead us, will make all the difference.

Green Union LIUNA Turbines.png

Tragedy Reveals a Union Benefit: Safer Workplaces, Fewer Deaths

Rust Sites.png

Whether making movies in New Mexico or buildings in New York City, unions know how to do it safely so all crew members get to go home after work. Non-unions, not so much.

It may not seem obvious at first glance, but there are a lot of common plot points connecting the recent accidental death of a cinematographer on the set of a movie with the deaths of scores of men over the past five years who worked in New York City’s construction industry.


The main connection: the absence of unions to protect the innocent. This has become an all-too-common tale.

Producers of projects, whether films or buildings, seek savings and control by hiring non-union labor. And too often, someone ends up dead.


Luxury Waterfront Building Seems to be Anything But

Residents of Two Blue Slip describe ramshackle living experiences at the Greenpoint Landing property, which was built by non-union contractors.

Imagine you’re a young New York City renter who has scored a beautiful but expensive apartment. You’re overspending on rent, but the waterfront views in a happening Brooklyn area make the cost seem worth it. But when you move in—the roof literally falls in on you.

This is yet another buyer-beware story for people looking at New York City real estate built by non-union contractors.


Is This the Beginning of the End of Construction Corruption?

New York tackles wage theft. What's next? 

On Labor Day New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed State Senate bill 2766c, also known as the Wage Theft bill, into law. While this development is very positive for the working people of New York City who have been getting ripped off by greedy developers and contractors for years, is this good turn simply a one-off, or is it the beginning of a larger, long-overdue correction?

We break it down here.


$20 Million Stolen Every Week

When management steals wages from construction workers they steal important benefits from you too. Learn the names of the companies accused of wage theft.

Every week hard-working New York laborers have $20 million stolen from their earnings. Every week parents who expected to earn enough to live in NY must forego daycare to pay the rent, or skip health care to afford groceries. Or make even more difficult life-decisions.


Wage theft is a crime perpetrated by the managers of some New York construction companies to lower their cost of doing business. They undercount hours, ignore overtime, collect and then keep health insurance dues.


Here is a list of some of the construction companies caught or accused of stealing from their staffs and you.

— Casino Development Group

— CRV Precast Construction

— Highbury Concrete

— Parkside Construction

— RNC Industries

— Rovini Concrete

— Sky Materials Corporation

— SSC High Rise

— Trident/ACS

$20 Million Pick Pocket.png

The Fight Against Exploitation

As a vulnerable work force is victimized, communities start to push back. 

Running for president, Donald Trump appealed to white nationalism and racism to mobilize his voter base. He bashed Mexican immigrants as criminals, threatening the safety and security of native-born Americans. 

But employers know better when it comes to hiring and retaining foreign-born workers. Take the U.S. construction industry, where employers rely on immigrant workers to help get the job done, especially after the Great Recession, which drove a decrease in the ranks of native-born workers and increase in the hiring of immigrants.

But with the increase of immigrants in the workforce –many of them undocumented – the opportunity for their  exploitation is also heightened. And the harm that is done hits not just the workers being exploited, but every single American. 

Now, some are fighting back.

Ramos Against Wage Theft.png

Could What Happened in Miami Happen in New York?

Experts fear that construction corner-cutting may have been a cause of the collapse. Some workers tell us that similar corners are being cut in New York City construction today.

Weeks after the accordion collapse of a Miami high-rise condo in which nearly 150 people are feared lost, experts are looking inside the images of the broken support columns and wondering if they are seeing a construction flaw that may be to blame for the fall.

If their suspicions are correct, then we better start looking inside some New York City high rises too.

NYC Skyline BW


New York Vs. Wage Theft

Powerful New York leaders talk about the fight to return wages, safety and dignity to the middle class workers being victimized by greed.

New York Attorney General Letitia James on how her administration is battling wage theft.

New York State Senator Jessica Ramos on fighting for laws that will protect our middle class.

New York City Council Member Francisco Moya on the importance of unions and fighting greedy developers.


As of 2019 construction is New York City’s most deadly occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That includes policing and firefighting.

How did we get here?

The Deadliest Job in New York City: Construction Worker


Construction Danger2.jpg


Make It A Law: Hire Unions

When Developers Put Up a Huge Building, They Should Be Required to Hire Unions to Build it – There's Too Much at Stake For All of Us

Many non-unionized construction companies are responsible for a raft of harm that affects every New Yorker. When these bad actors win big projects, they gain access to a larger opportunity to commit larger harms. “But don’t we have laws against that kind of behavior?” you reasonably ask. Yes, there are laws, but they’re weak and they are not succeeding at curbing bad activity.

In the $45B-per-year industry that is New York City Construction, the malfeasance is worse today than ever. We need bold moves that will make a difference quickly.

We need to require developers to hire unions for especially large projects.

Union Built.png

As Non-Union Contractors Cut Costs, Building Quality Suffers

Construction workers talk about deceiving inspectors, outdated materials and worse.

Ivan Duta worked for years for one of New York’s largest open-shop contractors, Parkside Construction. “Open-shop” refers to businesses that choose not to hire unionized labor. So, it’s not really a surprise that Parkside has a long rap-sheet of violations, including wage theft, insurance fraud, and safety negligence that resulted in the death of a worker.

Mr. Duta experienced all those abuses, except the death one. He is very much alive and a member of New York’s Local 46 Ironworkers and Metal Lathers union, and he has stories about his time working at non-union shops that might make your heart stop if you're shopping real estate in New York.

Construction Girders.png


The Real Cost of City Living

A Debate Gaffe Reveals What New Yorkers Actually Get When They Pay Top-Dollar For Their Homes

McGuire and Donovan.png

During the 2021 New York mayoral campaign, the candidates were asked to estimate the median price of a home in Brooklyn. Some of their responses displayed an out-of-touchness that one might find disqualifying.

But looking beyond the miscalculation of estimates, the true answer to that question illustrates what New Yorkers pay for real estate and what they get, and it begs a follow up. Are we getting what we pay for?

The Time for the PRO Act is Now

Congress Needs Your Voice

On March 9 the US House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (The PRO Act). If enacted this bill will reinforce the rights of workers all over America to unionize — rights that have been attacked and whittled away for years by powerful business interests and their collaborators in government.


Why do workers need the right to organize?

We live in a free country. And we've all seen what happens when we cede all the power to management, as has been happening more and more for decades. The result is extreme inequality and worse. 

Union Painting.jpg

America Has

Union Envy

We Want More and Stronger Unions

Here is an astonishing juxtaposition of two datapoints in America today. At a time when union membership of our workforce is at a record low of 10.3%, a large majority of Americans, 65% of us, hold a positive view of unions.

We admire something that most of us don’t have access to. Can this be called union-envy?

Unions Make Us Strong.png


The Waldorf:

Where Luxury Masks Tragedy

The remodel of the famous luxury hotel into deluxe mid-town condominiums is the site of ugly segregation and repeated worker injuries. It seems that this trade-off is worth it to some construction companies.

Waldorf on Home Page.png

Gregory Ecchevarria Didn't Need to Die

He survived more than 10 years of active military service in Afghanistan and Iraq, but couldn't survive New York City's increasingly deadly construction industry. This is his story.


Family Sues for Wrongful Death

Two years after the crane accident that caused Gregory Ecchevarria's death, his family has sued the building owners, project developer, and contractor companies. Mr. Ecchevarria's fiance, Sarah Ramirez, said "His death is not going to be just brushed under the carpet." 

Which Brother Will Live, Which Won't?

The answer has to do with whether they were in a union or not. 


This is the story of Luis and Angel Muñoz, two brothers who came to New York City from Ecuador with exceptional carpentry skills and dreams of prosperity. One is realizing those dreams, the other is dead. Union membership is the key difference.

Angel Ramos.jpg
Luis Ramos 2.png
Luis Muñoz
Angel Muñoz
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If it Cost Less to Make, it Should Cost Less to Buy, But...

If a product costs less to make, you should pay less for it. So how would you feel about paying a Cadillac price for a Kia?


You’d be outraged. Well, that overpay scenario may be happening every day to purchasers of high-rise real estate in New York City. Here's a look at why that matters.

Jackson Park Render.jpg


Building Inspector Exposes "Night & Day" Difference on Job Sites 

One building inspector for a prominent New York firm who examines new high-rise construction and large remodels, says that he has seen “a very stark difference in terms of safety between union sites and non-union.”

DOB Inspector.png

The City Mayor Who is on the Record for Unions 

Mayor Bill Finch of Bridgeport, CT, 50 miles from New York City, has first-hand experience with construction unions and non-union builders, and he's speaking out about the huge difference he encountered.


Real Estate Pro on Union vs. Non-Union Buildings

Steve Hodson, president of Hodson Realty, is a 40-year pro in the real estate business. He's represented all sorts of buildings over the decades, and he's got opinions on who makes the best product and why you're not hearing this opinion more often.

Steve Hodson Interview.png

85.5 %

NYC Work Site Deaths
–Private Sector
Since 2015–


Public Cost of Wage Theft
–In New York
in 2016–


Fines for Wage Theft
Since 2015–
Quality Suffers

Saving money on construction often means cutting corners, which starts a domino effect. Yeah, scary metaphor when you’re talking about buildings.

Vacate Order in Window.png
Who Saves Money?
Savings Mansion.png

A closer look shows who reaps the savings from cheaper construction labor. Spoiler alert: It’s not you!

Fraud & Abuse
Killed Workers Juan Cerezo.png

From stealing worker wages to negligent manslaughter, non-union fraud causes major grief —for workers and for you.


When developers choose non-union, it hurts more than the building

Leaning Tower 04.png


The Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti

It matters who you hire.


The most experienced, best quality work crews in New York City belong to its best-in-the-world construction unions. Developers who shun them do so at their own peril. Here’s just one more very expensive case study to prove that point: The Seaside Condominiums, also known as “The Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti.”


The 58-story high-rise condominium in New York’s seaport district being put up by general contractor Pizzarotti IBC, LLC — who chose to hire non-union — is leaning to the north.


Buildings aren’t supposed to lean.


Find Out If Your High-Rise Is Union-Built

When it comes to high-rise structures, quality construction can be the difference between a wonderful experience, and a nightmare. Find out who built your high-rise super structure, and more.

Is It Union Search Tool Image.png

In addition to New York's world class skyline, unions have given America some quality-of-life benefits that we all hold dear. Discover just some of the standards we enjoy because a union fought for and won them, for us all.

Unions Gave Us This and More

53 West 53rd Plus.png


To Help Protect Our Skyline

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