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The Real Estate Pro Who Favors Union Buildings and Will Talk About It

Steve Hodson is president of Hodson Realty. He's seen and represented a lot of different types of private and commercial buildings in his 40 years in the business. And in that time he's seen a real difference in the quality of buildings constructed by unions and those made by non-union companies. He says if you're shopping real estate, you should be aware of this difference too.

Jackson Park Render.jpg
If It Cost Less to Make, Why Doesn't it Cost Less to Buy?

Developers save by hiring cheaper crews who, many argue, do inferior work. But the end product costs the same as a building put up by the best in the business. Here's a look at why.

Bond Street Buildings For Teaser.png
The Alarming Truth About Non-Union-Built Real Estate in NYC

Direct side-by-side comparisons of union and non-union projects demonstrate a stark difference between the work and the resuts.

Email Your City Councilman
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Share Your Construction Story
Have a NYC construction story to tell us? Want to make NYC safe for all construction workers? We’ll take your words, pictures, or videos.
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