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A Tale of 2 Buildings in Brooklyn

One block apart, permits issued 8 days apart. One was built by union crews, the other is being worked on by non-unions. Here's a comparison.

August, 2017

33 Bond St. is Open for Business

Bond Street Buildings.png
Tale of 2 Buildings headers 61 Bond.png
Tale of 2 Buildings headers 33 Bond.png
Developer TFC Logo.png

TFC establishes 33 Bond GC, LLC as the general contractor and commits to union labor.

Developer GFI Logo.png

GFI Capital hires Parkside Construction Builders and RNC Industries, a general contractor and cement contractor who favor non-union labor.

Blueprint 33.png

Plans to build a 600,000 square-foot residential high-rise are approved by the Department of Building


Work on the 25-story residential high-rise in downtown Brooklyn begins.

Blueprint 61.png

The construction of the nearly 150,000 square-foot hotel in downtown Brooklyn is approved.

61 Bond Ground Break.png

Construction begins on the planned

13-story hotel.

33 Bond Facade.png

October 11, 2016

Facade Work Begins

With the main base section of the structure complete, siding work starts.

Killed Workers Paul Kenedy2.png

October 11, 2016

Worker Killed

Paul Kennedy, 43, is killed when a machine part dislodges and hits him. The worksite had been cited for safety violations. The contractor is fined $12,000.

33 Bond Facade 2.png

November, 2016

Facade Work Continues

The building's aesthetic vision starts to come into view.

Vacate Order in Window.png

November, 2016

Work Stoppage In Place

The New York City Department of Building (DOB) issues a six-plus-week work stoppage to investigate and correct the cause of Mr. Kennedy's death.

Developer: GFI Capital

Developer: TF Cornerstone

July 17, 2014

Building Permit Issued

July 9, 2014

Building Permit Issued

April 9, 2015

Ground is Broken

January 14, 2016

Ground is Broken

28 months from its start, the 25-story, 600,000 square-foot, 714-dwelling high-rise, with luxury and affordable housing, is completed.

33 Bond Finished.png
NYDA Logo.png

The Manhattan District Attorney indicts Parkside for wage theft of $1.7M.   

May 16, 2018

Parkside Indicted for Wage Theft and Fraud

Ace Hotel Render.png

Fall 2019, Not Done Yet

The Ace 13-story Hotel – render at left – is rumored to be complete in Fall 2019, 2 years after the union-built tower opened across the street. 

RNC logo.png

March 22, 2016

RNC Industries Sued for Wage Theft

It's the latest suit filed against the troubled contractor which has already pleaded guilty to tax evasion, safety violations, wage theft and fraud.


33 Bond: On the union side of the street, the Boerum Hill neighborhood has had a well-built, 600,000 square-foot high rise with luxury and affordable housing open for 2 years, enhancing the living standards and commerce of the area.

61 Bond: On the non-union side, there have been allegations of negligence and violations resulting in work stoppages. One employee has been killed. The hotel is unfinished, depriving Boerum Hill of business benefits on a prime commercial street.

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Union-NonUnion Meme.png

Meanwhile, There's a Meme

Just one of the several Union/Non-Union memes shared on Facebook by New Yorkers watching this story unfold.

Leaning Tower 04.png

The Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti

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